Taylor Swift Zac Efron Dating News

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So, were Efron và Swift ever romantically entwined? According lớn the actress & the singer, they never had a thing. But when they appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in February 2012, DeGeneres was unconvinced.

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“What did ya’ll do for Valetine’s Day together?” DeGeneres asked Swift and Efron when they both appeared on the talk show.

“Well, I don’t know. He had plans on Valentine’s Day,” Swift rebuked. And she then explained that she spent her special day with her other single lady friends. And Efron said he cooked dinner with “the friend” that Swift referred khổng lồ in her statement — but it wasn’t her.

DeGeneres then adds that the only reason she’s “joking” about Swift & Efron having relationship potential is because she’s heard the rumors. & she then presents the two with T-shirts that reflect the hearsay. One T-shirt said “lovers,” another said, “we’re just friends,” & the most shocking said, “we only hooked up once.” The final T-shirt read, “we broke up.”

“I hope this one doesn’t shrink too much,” Efron joked about the “we only hooked up once” shirt.

“Because you’ll wear that a lot?” DeGeneres joked back.

DeGeneres brought it up again lớn Swift on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Zac Efron & Taylor Swift arrive at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for PCA

This isn’t the last time Swift heard about the Efron romance rumors. In fact, DeGeneres brought them up once again when Swift visited another time — but the jokes didn’t land quite as well.

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“You were here with your boyfriend, Zac Efron, last time,” DeGeneres starts in her segment with Swift in 2013.

“We actually never dated,” Swift attempts khổng lồ clarify.

“Yes you did,” DeGeneres starts. And the joke continues, with DeGeneres asking why Swift “denies it” later on in the interview. “Which tuy vậy is about Zac on the new CD?” DeGeneres then adds.

“There’s nothing really about Zac on the CD because we didn’t date,” Swift notes again.

Eventually, DeGeneres introduces a game that pokes even more fun at Swift’s love life — & it ends with Swift begging DeGeneres lớn stop, as it’s demoralizing khổng lồ only focus on her love life. While Swift seems in good spirits at the start of the interview, there’s a good chance DeGeneres went too far.

It’s all water under the bridge now, as Swift is happily with actor Joe Alwyn và Efron seems to be getting along quite well with Valladares. But if the singer and actor bởi vì ever get together, it seems DeGeneres called it first.