Don't say i'm fine thank you and you

By watching this video lesson, you will learn 10 better ways to lớn answer the question “How are you?”.

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Hello tiffany, I applied for your course last month my name is, you said only 1 dollar for 1 month, but you got $ 20 from me & this month too you got $ 20,This is beyond my capacity please I want to get this money back.

Hello, I’m Jae from Indonesia and I’m looking for someone who wants to lớn be my partner in learning English. İf you feel interested you can send me a message on instagram here my username:
Hi! Am Charity from Ghana. Will like to be your partner in learning English. You can find me on Instagram. Username Charity Odame

O, really thank you!!!!!!! You’re the best of the best. I don’t know, I’m a n English philology student, but I don’t really got so many information at college, as by watching your YT videos. You such a GREAT teacher, who really motivates students lớn try to bởi vì their best. Good luck khổng lồ you, Tiffani!

Greetings from Ukraine!

Tiffani, you rock! I just love your videos, your great sense of humor, your way of teaching… Thank you so much for sharing such great things with us.

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hi Tiffani, are you married? you are really beautiful with those sexy lovely smile. Sometime am carry away when you are teaching. Send me your private e-mail address so that we will jiggly more.power.

Hola buenas hablo desde República Dominicana ???????? estoy muy interesada en más información del cursor de inglés

Hi, Tiff. I´m Ada, from Cuba. I´ve been teaching children English for more than trăng tròn years now. What expressions vị you suggest we teachers should use in an ESL classroom with kids? Thanks from the tropic.

Tiffani, thanks for your video, but it’s not incorrect to lớn say “I am fine, thank you”. On the other hand, many say that “I’m good” is grammatically wrong.