I strongly believe that a good entrepreneurial education is an important solution for the problems faced by the Indonesian young generation nowadays.

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“Entrepreneurship must be acquired at the early years in one’s life”.Having an entrepreneurial attitude means having the thinking pattern, attitude và knowledge of an entrepreneur by which he is able to transform the valueless into valuable products,“Changing and transforming trash into gold”“If I were khổng lồ give a legacy lớn the young generation of this country then it would be the spirit of entrepreneurship”.


The word “Global Citizen” becomes a very powerful force in the 21st century. Globalization has had an impact for the people of the world where everyone has an opportunity khổng lồ interact, learn from each other, influence each other and many other things to lớn achieve success. All these things happen because of the rapid development of science and technology. The question is in the rapid development of the world, what should be prepared và given by the world of education (fanbangparty.comool) khổng lồ someone (students) & what should be learned by the students in the teaching-learning process in order to lớn have a base for success in this life.

Have we ever thought when we entrust our child in a fanbangparty.comool since his/her kindergarten and what kind of world he/she would encounter when he/she graduated from that fanbangparty.comool? What kind of education, skills, learning process that is needed by children or students lớn be able to cope with the challenges of present & future life?

DR. (HC) Ir. Ciputra and Mr. Haryo Seno were the founders of Sekolah Citra Kasih & Sekolah Citra Berkat. Sekolah Citra Kasih was established in 2003 và Sekolah Citra Berkat was established in 2004. The aim of fanbangparty.comools establishment is lớn bring intelligence and prosperity to the nation. In the process of achieving that goal, the founders believe of a holistic and chất lượng education; particularly entrepreneurship education which is a way out for young people to achieve success.

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Entrepreneurship education program is designed to build a system & learning that can encourage the students to lớn have mind phối and action pattern which is innovative and creative. The students can create something that has added value through exploration process of knowledge và skills they have experienced. All of the above, we name the program as Entrepreneurship Education Program K-12 Ciputra Way. This educational program is one organized to have a qualified and holistic education.

Entrepreneurship Education Program K-12 Ciputra Way is a quality program in Sekolah Citra Kasih và Sekolah Citra Berkat. The students from Kindergarten to High fanbangparty.comool have been educated, trained and equipped with good quality of education. Entrepreneurship & complete life skills are added to form a resilient character based on the age of the child’s psychological and spiritual development. fanbangparty.comool administrators believe that excellent and holistic unique of education as well as entrepreneurship education program K-12 Ciputra Way experienced by students in the teaching & learning process will produce graduates who are able lớn achieve success in their life & will be blessing to lớn others và the nation.


Nurturing entrepreneurial spirit within holistic education.


To educate and nurture the children to have Godly character and academic excellence, equipping them to be an entrepreneur lớn transform the nation.