Hello everyone! :)Finally I am going to lớn sit down & breakdown with you my all-time favourite concealer series from The Saem.

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In fact, I am more of a "concealer person" than a "foundation person". Especially when you want to achieve a light & fresh makeup-look.
The Saem"s Cover Perfection Tip Concealer SPF28 / PA++ (01 Clear Beige & Brightener) | 6.5g+ Cover Perfection Pot Concealer (01 Clear Beige) | 4g

Speaking of its packaging, the concealers are filled in sturdy transparent plastic containers with black caps.As for the tip concealers, the applicator is attached to the cap (as below). The tip is slightly slanted for easy application.

From the close-up shot below, you can tell the texture is not too watery - just the creamy nice texture for easy blending.Notice the pink brightener, isn"t the màu sắc dreamy?

Moving to lớn the pot concealer, the texture is thicker and drier compared khổng lồ the previous.In return, it has higher coverage.

Join me now as I show you how lazy people do makeup! :pFor liquid concealer, what I usually do is lớn apply it directly on targeted spots (i.e. Blemishes, acne scars, redness around my nose).Then take your blending sponge. Make sure you dampen it nicely. Currently I am using Blending Pearl (Black) from Breena Beauty
. It is "Made in Malaysia" & the unique is GOOOD!!!Notice the difference!!! (as above)Do I need lớn say more? :D(please elaborate a little bit?)Okay. From the photo above it might be unclear, but in fact the blemishes are not entirely concealed after application. However, at least they are less obvious khổng lồ see/spot from a distance.Bear in mind, the liquid concealer is NOT in full coverage. Just nice lớn blur out what you don"t want lớn show ;)Application - Cover Perfection Pot Concealer 01 Clear BeigeWhy vày you need so many kinds of concealer? o.OI am not a makeup professional, but what I understand is that different type of concealer offers different level of coverage.For instance, if you have an xuất hiện acne scar, perhaps you might consider pot concealer/stick concealer.Here I am going to bởi vì a short demonstration.
Currently my only concealer brush is Brush110 Dual Concealer from Etude House

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I have no complain on this as it is fairly affordable and it does the job.To use, get some of the hàng hóa using the flat concealer brush by directly dipping it into the pot concealer (as below).
Do your first swatch on your hand lớn get rid of excess. You do NOT want to see thick concealer patches everywhere on your face (heh).With little hàng hóa on the concealer brush, stamp it on specific spots which need extra touch (as below).Use the same concealer brush and work on/blend the edges, leave the middle part - until it is completely blended into your entire face makeup.
Meanwhile, let me complete with the rest of my face makeup before I show you the highlighter/brightener. :)Application - Cover Perfection Tip Brightener
The same liquid texture works wonder for concealer, but it becomes tricky when it comes khổng lồ brightener. :/
For highlighter, I would much prefer a more liquid và light texture lớn create the most natural aura.
Anyway. Herein I am using Edge Makeup Sponge from Holika Holika
. Edge makeup sponges are easier to lớn create the diagonal trace, across from táo cheeks to lớn nose sides.
Personal ranking for the above products are: liquid concealer > pot concealer > brightener.The liquid concealer is an absolute HIT! If you are a makeup beginner (like me), vày do vày try out this amazing road shop liquid concealer. The result is absolutely promising!For the Cover Perfection Tip Concealer series, there are 5 shades available at the moment: 01 Clear Beige, 1.5 Natural Beige, 02 Rich Beige, Contour Beige và Brightener.
source : althea

In fact, I don"t use pot concealer often unless for photo-shooting purpose. There are a looong way lớn hit the pan. (>) It requires a little bit more technique in using pot concealer. It"s either a big hit, or a miss (obvious patches everywhere, failed khổng lồ blend in with the face makeup).As for the brightener, honestly I don"t lượt thích it. Instead of giving luminous shiny aura that reflects natural light, it presents as a layer of trắng cast, that just sits on vị trí cao nhất of the makeup, not easy to blend in. Too bad because I really love the pink shade... :c