The Anoa’i family is arguably the most famous wrestling family in WWE history, with the likes of Roman Reigns và The Rock part of it.

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The Bloodline is the biggest thing going in wrestling today, with Roman Reigns the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion và The Usos the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. Both are enjoying historic runs with their respective titles.

The group has recently been strengthened by the arrival of Solo Sikoa, the younger brother of The Usos, & he is just the latest member of the Anoa’i family to lớn make an impact in WWE.

Of course, The Rock is one of the biggest stars in the world & if things go khổng lồ plan could be facing off with his “cousin” Roman at WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles next year. The storyline is sure lớn focus on family and who the real “Head of the Table” và “Tribal Chief” truly is.

But how are the two WWE legends exactly related, & where vị the Anoa’i family’s roots begin and where have they grown since? takes you through the history và members of the iconic family…

How are Roman Reigns and The Rock actually related?

The Rock’s grandfather “High Chief” Peter Maivia and Roman Reigns, The Usos và Sikoa’s grandfather Reverend Amituana’i Anoaʻi were blood brothers, a connection that has lasted since and seen the two families regard themselves as one.

Roman Reigns & The Rock are part of the Anoa’i family

Maivia’s adopted daughter Ata married Rocky Johnson and are the parents of The Rock – his original ring name of Rocky Maivia a play on his status as a third-generation wrestler. The equivalent third-generation offspring on the Anoa’i side are considered cousins of The Great One.

The sons of Amituana’i, Afa và Sika, saw Maivia as their uncle. The pair wrestled as “The Wild Samoans” in the 1970s & 1980s in WWE.

Roman Reigns’ brother & cousins were also WWE Superstars

Afa is father lớn lesser-known wrestlers Samu & Manu, both of whom wrestled in WWE – Samu as part of The Headshrinkers tag team and Manu a short-time member of Legacy with fellow wrestling royalty Randy Orton và Cody Rhodes.

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Sika is the father lớn Roman Reigns & Rosey, who was most famous for being in a tag team with The Hurricane in the mid-2000s, và who sadly passed away in 2017.

Anoa’i family WWE

Reigns’ other first cousins include former WWE Champion Yokozuna (died in 2000), Umaga (died in 2009) and Rikishi, as well as The Tonga Kid. Yokozuna was the son of Reigns’ uncle Afoa while the other three the offspring of his aunt Vera and her husband Solofa Fatu Sr. (Rikishi is the Jr.).

Umaga previously teamed with his cousin Rosey under the ring name Jamal from 2002-2003 as part of 3-minute warning before becoming the iconic “Samoan Bulldozer” in 2006.

Rikishi was the other thành viên of The Headshrinkers under his surname of Fatu before being repackaged in his most famous guise, one which saw his family liên kết to The Rock referenced on WWE TV.

The Usos’ connection to lớn Reigns & other members of the famous family that look set to headline WrestleMania 39

Rikishi’s children include Jimmy và Jey Uso as well as Solo Sikoa, making them first cousins once removed to lớn Reigns, although they are simply referred to as cousins on WWE TV, for both simplicity & the fact they are close in age và regard each other as that.

Other wider members of the family include Naomi, wife of Jimmy Uso, và Nia Jax, a second cousin of The Rock’s mother. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka married into the Maivia family, making his daughter Tamina a “cousin” of The Rock.

In storyline, Sami Zayn of course currently considers himself part of the family on WWE TV as the “Honorary Uce” of The Bloodline.

A WrestleMania showdown between the two biggest names in the family would certainly be a special occasion for the entire Anoa’i clan, và a testament to the indelible mark they have left on the wrestling industry.