Re:zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu

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Synonyms: Re: Life in a different world from zero, ReZero, Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu OVA

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OVA doesn't progress the story as it should but gives more incite into characters & brings back characters from Roswaal's Mansion , as a OVA its very filler like and progresses a side plot which might be disappointing to some but khổng lồ be fair is better than a cliff hanger and thats what a OVA does, so its still nice khổng lồ watch if you haven't watched the 1st season recently và be reintroduced to lớn the characters in season 2 hopefully soon (Summer 2019?). Overall great subplot, nice banter, took too long lớn be fansubbed considering its release in japan in 2018 October? 9/10 Jihad.
Overall: 8/10There was never a dull moment và I think it's a great movie. Feels very OVA-ish with a slice-of-life tone. I liked having no worries for once, although I was honestly worried for Subaru when some deja vu moments came up, but he laughed it off himself so I thought it'd be fine. Roswaald was amusing as usual and Subaru's comebacks were also funny. We also got some expansion into Puck's backstory, and how he met Roswaald was also shown, with a phản hồi from Emilia 'the map had to lớn be redrawn afterwards' describing the scale. Towards the end, we also get both drunk Emilia và Rem, và a very happy Subaru. Story: 8/10We get an expansion into one of Puck's inner workings (literally), and how he met Roswaald. Although there wasn't anything that extended the plot shown in the anime, it was an interesting story.Art: 8/10Some still panning frames here và there, but overall I enjoyed the art, especially that of drunk Emilia and Rem. We also got their chibi versions right from the start. I really liked the snow fragments under the starry sky towards the end. Sound: 7/10Nothing impressive, but nothing khổng lồ complain about either. Character: 10/10Every character was shown in some way, và the entire Roswaald faction got development.Enjoyment: 10/10I was entertained every second of the movie.