Flexible to fit your needs

Simply secure: With an optional fingerprint reader on the power button, sign-on is easy, fast and safe.

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An array of ports: Connect lớn a TV or monitor with the HDMI port, download photos via the SD thẻ slot, enjoy fast transfer speeds from all your accessories with two USB 3.1 gen 1 ports. Look good on the go: This highly portable máy tính is easy khổng lồ carry with you everywhere, while the sleek exterior makes it an eye-catching accessory.

Unite your devices with thiết bị di động Connect.

Seamless PC/smartphone integration: Access multiple devices without dividing your attention— điện thoại Connect pairs your ios or Android điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh with your laptop.Limit disruptions: With điện thoại Connect, you get the option to lớn channel notifications from phone calls, SMS, IMs & other apps right to lớn your laptop. Keep your focus on a single screen and respond only when it’s convenient for you.Maintain your privacy: Your phone connects to lớn your PC via thiết bị di động Connect’s point-to-point, secure connection so your data is never exposed via unsecure mạng internet connections.* mobile Connect is not available on Windows 10 (S mode).

1. SD thẻ Reader | 2. USB 2.0 | 3. Wedge-Shaped Lock Slot | 4. Power nguồn | 5. HDMI 1.4b | 6. USB Type C (available with discrete graphics only) | 7. USB 3.1 ren 1 | 8. USB 3.1 gen 1 | 9. Headphone & Microphone Audio Jack
1. Height: 19.9 milimet – 21.0 milimet (0.78” – 0.83”) | 2. Width: 339.0 milimet (13.35”) | 3. Depth: 241.9 milimet (9.52”)Weight: 1.66 kg (3.68 lbs)*
Every Inspiron is mindfully designed to ensure reliable performance over years of regular use. We’ve rigorously tested our systems to lớn enhance your experience.
Even after exposure khổng lồ temperatures from as low as -40°C/°F lớn up to lớn 65°C/149°F, Inspiron keeps performing.
Our power nguồn buttons are tested for 40,000 presses và our keyboard keys for 5 million clicks without failure. Open, closed, or twisted—Inspiron’s base and lid have been tested tens of thousands of times.

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We kiểm tra internal connectors on components from USB to AC khổng lồ batteries dozens of times to ensure lasting performance & easy replacement.
Maximize the performance of your Inspiron 14 3000 with essential accessories. Look for these great products and more at checkout.
Complement your desk with this elegant and stylish 23" monitor designed khổng lồ shine with ultrathin bezels & built-in dual 3W speakers.
Travel light with a compact, wireless mouse with optical tracking and long battery life. (Available in red, blue, white & black).
Plug this low-profile, lightweight drive into your laptop"s USB port và you"ll be ready to play or burn your favorite DVDs or CDs.
Experience a 360 immersive soundscape và engage in hours of gameplay in a comfortable, lightweight headset with breathable, soft leather ear pads. The omni-directional microphone lets you stay connected with your friends.
Stow & go in style with this versatile và lightweight backpack that fits up khổng lồ a 15.6" laptop. Comes with plenty of pockets, secure máy tính compartment & large storage area khổng lồ help you stay organized.
Get 24x7 support with everything from setting up your new system khổng lồ using everyday software.* With new features like SupportAssist, our experts will actually contact you if they detect an issue.* và if we can solve your issues remotely, we’ll send a technician to your location. It’s the hassle-free help you deserve.
Minimize the unplanned expenses & downtime by protecting you against unforeseen mishaps caused by drops, spills, surges và breaks.*