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Hip-Hop: 8 Legendary Producers

Can we imagine Guru without DJ Premier and De La Soul without Prince Paul? Behind every iconic rapper & cult group, there is a visionary producer who learned from his predecessors and developed his own sound. From the pioneer Marley Marl, who laid the foundations for modern production by showing what could be done with the first samples, to the shooting star J Dilla who, before his death at the age of 32, managed to leave a lasting mark on the genre, not to forget Bomb Squad’s sonic revolution and Dr Dre’s undisputed dominance on the West Coast. Here’s an overview of the studio masters that have ruled the hip-hop world for thirty years.

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Not since the days of Bob Marley has Reggae enjoyed such a high profile. For three years, hits by the stars of North American pop have taken on a distinctly Jamaican flavour. From Beyoncé khổng lồ Rihanna, via Drake or Justin Bieber, more và more pop artists have taken to lớn superimposing their voice over dancehall tracks. Dancehall, the "club" version of reggae, was popularised in the mid-1980s by the legendary producer King Jammy with Sleng Teng, the first electronic reggae track in history. Let's take a look at this velvet coup.

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