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Kuanlin (Wanna One) Profile and Facts; Kuanlin’s Ideal Type

Stage Name: Kuanlin (관린)Birth Name: Lai Guan Lin (賴冠霖)Korean Name: Lai Kuanlin/ Lai Kuanlin (라이관린)English Name: Edward LaiBirthday: September 23, 2001Zodiac Sign: LibraNationality: TaiwaneseHeight: 183 cm (6’0″)Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)Blood Type: OInstagram:

Kuanlin facts:– He was born in Taipei, Taiwan– Kuanlin has an older sister (ep.11)– He ended PD101 on the 7th rank with a total of 905,875 votes– He lived in America (Los Angeles) for 5 years.– He can speak English– Kuanlin comes from a wealthy family.

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His father is a chief giải pháp công nghệ officer of a well known giải pháp công nghệ company in Taiwan.– He once placed 2nd in his school for his final exams– He can speak Taiwanese, Standardized Mandarin, Korean và English.– His name means ‘rainy season’– He already has a bunch of sasaeng fans– Kuanlin is close lớn Pentagon’s Wooseok (his hyung from the same company).– Kuanlin likes basketball and was the small forward in his team.– Kuanlin said the hardest Korean word to lớn pronounce is “jokbal”. He said he loves jokbal (pig’s trotters cooked with soy sauce and spices) but can’t pronounce it. XD– He moved to lớn Korea alone.– He moved khổng lồ Korea before he even graduated from middle school, khổng lồ pursue his dream.– He focused more on his Korean than his dancing. He took Korean classes for 3 days in a week (Weekly Idol)– Wanna One members picked Kuanlin as thành viên who cries the least in group. They never saw Kuanlin crying.– Kuanlin was voted by netizens as the 2nd most beautiful/handsome in Produce 101.– Kuanlin’s favorite food is hot pot.– He dislikes tasteless foods.– Seonho (CUBE trainer) revealed that Kuanlin prefers to điện thoại tư vấn rather than text.– Kuanlin learns Korean through K drama (aside from having a tutor that he meets 3 times per week).– He spends a lot of time on Youtube.– He is also known as the fashionista in WannaOne.– Kuanlin has a mèo in Taiwan called Mimi.– He likes Spring và Autumn– His favourite fashion cống phẩm is shoes– He is interested in modelling– His legs are 116 centimet (45.6 inches). (“Idol Room”)– If he has an opportunity lớn cast or be in a movie/drama, he wants to play a bad guy role– His favourite colour is pink– His favourite basketball team is Golden State Warrior & his favourite basketball player is Stephen Curry– He likes lớn eat Rib Hangover Soup since his trainee days.– He wants to raise a Shiba dog– He once got bullied/boycott when he was in school (from VLIVE)– He said he have gained 4kg (muscular mass) after he began exercising (from VLIVE)– Kuanlin appeared on “King of Masked” singer as a panelist with Minhyun in EP.155 – 156– When Wanna One moved to the dorm, Kuanlin said he wants to be roommate with Jihoon và he said he doesn’t want Jaehwan as a roommate, because Jaehwan practices too much and Kuanlin wouldn’t rest well. (“Wanna One Go” ep.

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1)– They chose the rooms after playing ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’.– Kuanlin, Woojin, Jaehwan, Jihoon, & Minhyun used to nội dung a room. (Wanna One’s reality show “Wanna One Go” ep. 1)– Wanna One moved khổng lồ 2 new apartments. Kuanlin has a room for himself. (Apartment 1)– Kuanlin can’t watch horror movies (“Wanna One Go Zero Base” ep. 2)– Kuanlin said he really likes Jihoon.– He is close with EXO’s Sehun, he said Sehun never lets him pay when they eat together. (“Knowing Brothers”)– On 170812 fansign, Kuanlin said he prefers noonas.– Kuanlin & Yoo Seonho (former Produce 101 contestant) celebrated Christmas 2017 together.– Kuanlin appeared Jeon Soyeon’s “Jelly” MV– He said his role mã sản phẩm is Pentagon’s Wooseok.– Company: Cube Entertainment– He’s set lớn join Cube Entertainment’s new Korean boy group when they’re formed.– In March 11, 2019 he debuted in the unit Wooseok x Kuanlin, along with Pentagon‘s Wooseok.– On July 20, 2019, it was reported that Kuanlin has requested khổng lồ leave his agency Cube Entertainment.– Kuanlin’s ideal type: Someone cute, older than him, with long straight hair.

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