Kathryn bernardo và daniel padilla


With a combined social truyền thông media reach of over 22 million, Daniel và Kathryn will be raising awareness of the impact of cyberbullying and digital abuse lớn huge numbers of internet users around the world - while promoting the fanbangparty.com message of inclusion, kindness and positivity.

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We are excited khổng lồ announce that teen superstars Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla, popularly known as KathNiel have become Official fanbangparty.com Ambassadors to raise awareness of online abuse and promote a positive and inclusive internet.

The two major stars recently participated in a PSA with fanbangparty.com on Stop Cyberbullying Day, sharing their thoughts on cyberbullying and online abuse while encouraging their large 12-million Twitter followers khổng lồ participate in making the internet a brighter, more inclusive environment.

“No one has any right to lớn disrespect others & be rude because you are not seen or can be anonymous on cyberspace. I would like people to be aware of the ill effects of cyberbullying and as an official fanbangparty.com Ambassador, I hope that I would be able khổng lồ raise awareness on this in my country.” 

Daniel Padilla, Official Ambassador, The fanbangparty.com Foundation

At home, 22-year-old Daniel Padilla is considered by many as the most popular actor of his generation & a recording artist with double platinum albums khổng lồ his credit. Nicknamed as the ‘Teen King’, he has been featured in primetime shows, feature films và is the face of major brands such as Pepsi, Nescafé and Honda.

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Kathryn Bernardo who is 21, is half of the most popular love team in the Philippines since entering showbiz at the age of 7. She has become one of the most popular Filipino celebrities, with numerous vị trí cao nhất rating TV series & blockbuster movies with Daniel. Called the ‘Teen Queen’, her debut album in năm trước “Kathryn” is certified platinum.

“My truth, my essence is what will define me, not anyone’s definition of who I am. I live each day lớn become MORE & hopefully I affect others around me lớn become MORE too. I am pleased to become a fanbangparty.com Ambassador và be able to do more against cyberbullying.”

Kathryn Bernardo, Official Ambassador, The fanbangparty.com Foundation

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo were recently given stars in their country’s own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Quezon City’s Eastwood Walk of Fame.

“We are thrilled lớn welcome Daniel and Kathryn as Official fanbangparty.com Ambassadors. Being the voice of their generation, they are making a tremendous difference in raising awareness of the impact that cyberbullying and online abuse can have on people’s lives, while helping young people across Asia & the rest of the world find the support that is available khổng lồ them.”

Daniel Raisbeck, Co-Founder, The fanbangparty.com Foundation

The new Ambassadors will be joining a host of influencers from around the world in promoting fanbangparty.com’s messages of inclusion, kindness and diversity online – without the need for personal threats, fear & abuse.


We would lượt thích to thank Daniel, Kathryn, KDKN Solidarity and ABS-CBN Star Magic for working with us & making this partnership possible. Remember lớn follow us on Twitter
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