Come And Hug Me

Come & Hug Me follows the complicated story of a detective (Jang Ki Yong) whose serial killer father murdered the parents of the woman (Jin Ki Joo) he loved when they were teenagers.

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Come & Hug Me is such a heart wrenching story. It’s a dark tale with compelling characters that will break your heart. The drama is filled with tension as it beautifully lays out this story. This definitely isn’t an ordinary romance.

Jang Ki Yong plays Yoon na Moo/Choi vày Jin. As the son of a violent serial killer, life has been a bit difficult for him. & when his father murders the parents of the girl he loves, he is left with a lifetime of guilt that cause him to constantly seek lớn atone for what happened.

Na Moo is a poor tortured soul. He has a very calm và stoic demeanor, but the emotions just poor out of his eyes. The anguish he feels shines in those tear filled eyes. Then he has to lớn cope with his fears of being like his father. The world seems to lớn constantly compare him to lớn his father, but can he really be the opposite like he wants? This was a seriously fantastic performance from Jang Ki Yong.

Jin Ki Joo is Gil Nak Won/Han Jae Yi. She is an actress with a bright & strong personality who still suffers PTSD from what happened khổng lồ her & her family when she was young. The tragedy tore her away from mãng cầu Moo, but her feelings for him remain which come khổng lồ the surface when the two are reunited.

And then there’s our villain Yoon Hui Jae played by Heo Joon Ho. He’s the father of mãng cầu Moo và is also a notorious serial killer. He’s the definition of a psychopath who shows no remorse for his victims and develops an obsession with his son. He’s someone who can’t be reasoned with which is quite scary.

I’ve been captivated by Heo Joon Ho as an actor since I first saw him in Beautiful Mind. He tends to lớn play villains, & he sure does bring them lớn life. He comes off as calm, creepy, và powerful. Và I always feel like so much is going on behind his eyes. He’s an amazing actor, và he really did this serial killer role justice.

Come & Hug Me sets itself apart from other dramas in many ways. It’s a melodrama that is incredibly dark và sad yet at the same time it has this theme of hope & the possibility that no matter what horrible things have happened in life, you still have a chance khổng lồ be happy. & believe me, so many horrible things happen khổng lồ the characters in this drama. One would think it would be impossible to lớn move on from so much tragedy. Especially if a serial killer is still coming for you.

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To say that na Moo & Nak Won have the odds stacked against them would be an understatement. Having one’s parent kill the other’s parents is about as devastating at things could get. Or so you would think. As if that’s not enough, na Moo and Nak Won continue to suffer for many years after because of na Moo’s family as well as the public. It’s not easy being part of a case that gained national attention & is now resurfacing with added fanfare.

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And both na Moo and Nak Won suffered trauma and have to khuyến mãi with the effects of that. It’s so utterly sad to lớn watch the fear that they each experience. Và that fear extends khổng lồ each other. Despite everything, they care for each other dearly. They worry so much for the other, even more than themselves.

They way these two look at each other with eyes filled with love & compassion was so beautiful và sad. These two deserved lớn be happy, but it seemed that everything in life was always against them. Their love story is one of immense pain and sadness but also so much love. If a couple ever deserved to somehow find happiness, it’s these two.

The drama does explore interesting questions concerning whether being a psychopath is inherited as well as how much family influences what you will ultimately become. The relationship between mãng cầu Moo & and his father Hui Jae is about as messed up as it gets. Having a father lượt thích that will effect you in some way or another. The question becomes will he follow in his footsteps or become something completely different. It’s a complex question that doesn’t have as simple of an answer as one would think.

There are plenty of other complicated relationships explored including that of mãng cầu Moo and his jealous & violent brother as well as their relationships with their step mom và sister. A whole family has their lives destroyed by Hui Jae. Moving forward và living is no easy task as this family continually giao dịch with what Hui Jae has done lớn them.

I also should highlight the talented teen cast who played the younger versions of na Moo and Nak Won. Na domain authority Reum và Ryu Han Bi were absolutely amazing và put so much emotion into their characters. They pulled me right into their story and my heart broke for them.

It’s also a plus that they aren’t just utilized in the beginning of the drama, and we get to lớn see pieces of the back story throughout the show. I loved that we got khổng lồ stay connected khổng lồ the pair when they first experienced their tragedies since it shaped so much of what was to lớn come.

Come and Hug Me was beautifully written lớn highlight these tragic characters and their story. It’s filled with tension from beginning to end with pacing that kept me engaged as this haunting tale unfolded. Every episode và scene is important which is why the drama is so well done. Come & Hug Me really moved me, & it is the kind of drama that will leave a lasting impression.