Arturo vidal ‘splits with stunning fitness model wag sonia isaza’ as he eyes exit from barcelona to join inter milan

BirthdayMarch 8th, 1987
Place of BirthSan Joaquín, Chile
Ex-HusbandArturo Vidal
Height1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Weight55 kilogam (121 lbs)
TattoosMaria has a cross inked on her ribs. She also has stars tattooed on her abs. Maria has angel wings inked under both her boobs. She also has other tattoos on her body.

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SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father và MotherUnknown
Hair ColorDirty Blonde
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)$500,000

Maria Teresa Matus Biography

Today, we are here to chia sẻ some interesting insights about the beautiful ex-wife of Arturo Vidal. So, let us have a swift glance at Maria Teresa Matus.

Arturo Vidal, the midfielder who played for the Serie A team Inter Milan và Chile, has won some significant trophies for his previous clubs, including Juventus, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich. One of the key figures in the team who has played over 100 times for the national side, Arturo won the Chilean Footballer of the Year award in 2016. Arturo is also known for his love life, versatile personality, great vision, and brilliant technique. Unfortunately, being married for almost 10 years lớn beautiful Maria Teresa Matus, the relationship came to an end. But vị you know about the charming ex-wife of Arturo?


The Beautiful Life Of Maria Teresa Matus

Maria Teresa Matus, the ex-wife of Arturo Vidal, is a beautiful 37-year-old young lady from the beautiful thành phố of San Joaquín, Chile. Born on 8 March 1987, Maria is an Aries with one of the most charming, loving, & exquisite personalities. A true follower of the Christian religion, she was brought up by her father, Juan Matus, a local and mother, Teresa Matus, a homemaker. Spending her childhood with her pretty little sister, named Jessica Matus. The San Joaquin County School Superintendent helped her complete the initial schooling. Indeed a beautiful family & memorable days, Maria has a perfect childhood.

Maria Teresa Matus, The Lady With Gracious Looks

Talking about beauty and looks, Maria is one glamorous and beautiful soul. Maria looks stunning and gracious with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches loaded with the perfect physique. She is highly focused on keeping up with her fitness regime khổng lồ look perfect. Her looks are taken lớn the next level with her love for tattoos & the dark brown eyes and blonde hair, giving her an edge over. 


Beautiful Family Of Maria & Arturo, All About Love

Maria is a charming persona, và there is no doubt her jolly và upbeat nature is quite attractive. Maria dated Arturo for the first time in 2008, và she knew the very moment that was a special connection between them, the love. 

After dating for almost a year, the beautiful couple decided lớn get married in 2009. Maria & Arturo shared a lovely family with three loving kids. 

After marriage in 2009, the love birds welcomed the kids in the next seven or eight years, named Alonso, Elisabetta, & Emiliano Vidal. The couple wanted lớn be together & give time lớn their kids, which was seen quite evidently.

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Separation Of Maria With Arturo

Maria and Arturo shared a beautiful, loving life. Everything seemed great till 2017 when things started to go south.

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Finally, the couple decided to part ways in 2019. The kids are living with Maria after the divorce. Though the exact reason for divorce is known, yet this was an unseen event that occurred. The most respectful part is, Maria loves to lớn see kids connect with Arturo today as well.

The Career Of Maria Now

After divorcing Arturo, Maria moved ahead in a không lấy phí and independent manner. After dreaming of becoming a model, Maria finally fulfilled her dream. Defining her career as the social media influencer và Instagram mã sản phẩm Maria. With numerous modeling projects in hand, Maria is a blooming star who is ready lớn shine. Living with the 3 kids, Maria loves to nói qua the special moments và build up memories while managing her career and professional life in the most seamless manner.


Social truyền thông Of Maria Teresa Matau

A beautiful model and influencer, Maria is quite active on the social media platform. Her Instagram page has a follower count of around 625k. Mostly sharing the pictures of her shoot, vacation, kids, và friends, Maria is one with a great personality. Known to be living in Santiago, Chile, Maria is quite active on social media.


The Success Of Maria

Maria is one with the most impressive features và personality. Though not much has been known about Maria’s net worth & salary, it has been estimated that her social truyền thông posts earn her a net worth between $ 1 million to $ 5 million. Right now, the beautiful young soul is single và working prominently as the mã sản phẩm and influencer. Though the information about the love life of Maria is not known, we wish all the luck to lớn the beautiful và powerful lady khổng lồ have all the success she is looking forward to.