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Advanced Grammar in UseMartin Hewings Published by: Cambridge University PressLevel: AdvancedFirst Published in: 2005

Advanced Grammar in Use is a self study course book with 100 units which help prepare students for the Cambrige Advanced Proficiency Exam or the IELTS.

Maureen St. George
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REVIEW BYMaureen St. GeorgeBook EXPERT

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Advanced Grammar in Use tác giả Martin Hewings immediately opens his introduction lớn the student by stating that this book is specifically for self-study. In his introduction lớn the teacher, he reiterates that point before conceding that teachers can easily use this in class for extra practice.

The rest of the book is just as clear & concise as his introductions, although the sheer kích thước is enough to make the student think twice. Advanced Grammar in Use is 294 pages, consisting of: 100 units, a study guide, four appendices, additional examples, a glossary at the back, and a CD-ROM. It rightly looks và feels dense. Inside, the text is equally dense, although cartoon drawings dot the pages. Basically, this to me should come with a warning that it’ll cause back pain.

What the book lacks in fancy decoration it makes up for with clear language & Hewing’s ability khổng lồ really get the point across in as few words as possible. In fact, Hewing also points out in his introduction that he made a point khổng lồ use as few grammar terms as possible, which works to the book’s benefit. In lieu of long-winded explanations, Hewing simply & quickly states what the topic at hand is used for & then covers the rest of the page with a multitude of examples.

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Each of the 100 units is two pages long. The first page is, as stated, filled with short explanations & tons of examples, as well as any exceptions khổng lồ the rule và he occasionally compares and contrasts similar grammar points (e.g., except và except for). As this is an advanced book, many of the first units reviews verb tenses before moving on to points lượt thích passive voice, leaving out information và it- & what-clauses. The text is sometimes broken up by presenting the examples in a table or chart. Examples are separated into numbered sections so students can quickly see what examples align with the corresponding numbered exercise.

"Advanced Grammar in Use is ideal for learners preparing for the Cambridge Advanced Proficiency or IELTS examinations, & is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus, which ensures the language is authentic và up-to-date." Martin Hewings (Author)

The second và last page of each unit is filled with exercises. They range from gap fills and underlining the correct choice khổng lồ finishing sentence prompts & rewording sentences. Students may check their work in the answer key at the back of the book. The answer key expertly points out when & why multiple answers may be correct. Additionally, if students aren’t sure where lớn start, they may flip lớn the back of the book and take a multiple choice chạy thử that features a few questions from each unit so students can see which units will prove a challenge.

The treasurable back of the book additionally features extra exercises, a glossary defining grammar terms, & four appendices covering passive forms, basic question formation và quoting. This is a wonderful resource, as students have probably already learned these skills but may need a brush-up. The fourth appendix is a danh sách of all the irregular verbs set out in a table listing the bare infinitive, past simple và past participle – the veritable Bible for English students from elementary up. Finally, the book comes with a CD-ROM, which features even more exercises, hundreds of chạy thử questions and even the ability khổng lồ create your own tests.


Advanced Grammar in Use is a basic meat-and-potatoes English book. It offers exactly what the author says it will. At times, the vibe can feel a little “don’t look back” as there is only one unit per grammar point. Only a few times is there overlap from one unit khổng lồ another or a two-part lesson, like verb tenses or passive voice, respectively. There are no unit reviews, although this is somewhat relieved by the CD-ROM & numerous exercises at the back.

However, in spite of or perhaps because of the basic premise, this book is incredibly versatile. The teacher and/or student can pick và choose their way through the units. Students can put the study guide at the back khổng lồ good use to lớn see where khổng lồ start, and can easily make some headway without a teacher by their side. Students who studied English formally or those who just picked it up will find equal value in this book. Và teachers can choose khổng lồ work through a whole unit or just use the examples as extra support, or create any combination they choose for a well-rounded class.