——  Innovation  ——
Started from an OEM maker in China,亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 is providing a new experience to our customers. We provide straws, cups, lids, containers and other thermoforming food packaging. Meanwhile, we dedicate to develop custom packaging solutions for customers based on our innovation capabilities.

We learn customers’ business and all needs and specified requirements, our talented designers, engineers and material experts analyze, explore and create innovative packaging solutions to customers. It’s called New Experience in亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载.

We have succeeded in creating packaging solutions for a number of world-class companies in food service and food and beverage/milk industries, more and more customers “outsource” R&D service from亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载.