——  History  ——
Jie An was found in 2002 as straw maker,亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 expanded straw export rapidly in its early years. In 2004, the company built a 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Zhangzhou, then the plant was continuously expanded, by 2008, the Zhangzhou plant expanded to 400,000 square foot. During this period,亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 transited straw production of a Fortune 500 company from USA , rapidly expanded its export to Europe, Middle East, Japan and other major market, and became a key player of the U and I straws supply in milk and beverage industry in China. This made亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 become the largest straws manufacturer in China.

In 2009,亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 started to produce plastic thermoforming food packaging products, including plastic cups, lids and containers for export and domestic sales.

Follow the expansion in Zhangzhou plant, in 2012,亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 built a second 300,000 square foot plant in Hanchuan, Hubei, the total annual capacity of straw reached to 1.8 billion pieces, and capacity of thermoforming reach to 10,000 tons, this make亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 be one of the largest straw manufacturers in the world and one of leading thermoforming manufacturers in China.

Jie An offers a full range of straws and stirrers, including wrapped and unwrapped straight/flexible straws, spoon straws, crazy straws, and it’s one of the few manufacturers who can produce straight and flexible telescopic straws in China.亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 also offers various PP/PS/PET/PLA/m-PBS/Paper cups and lids, trays and containers,亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 is the only one company can provide smart top travel lids in China.

Jie An not only provide OEM products, but also custom solution for our business partners, including custom printing and embossing, and new product development, this called New Experience in亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载.
——  Advantage  ——
As a leading company in these industries,亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 takes advantage in:

The largest straw capacity and leading food thermoforming capacity, highest level equipment in China and excellent operation team lead to the highest efficiency in China;

A quality leader in industries.亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 passed ISO9001:2000, BRC and China national QS certification, and was awarded high scores in all annual quality audits by world well known auditing firms;

Excellent technology research and development team have succeeded in developing products for a number of world-class companies in China and worldwide, and are ready for any new items and ideas.

Providing the best value and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Over more than a decade of experience in export and servicing leading companies in the world makes亚博app官方下载苹果_亚博体育官方登陆_亚博app官方下载 the best partner of choice for your business.